The latest update for Overwatch has left the PTR and is now available on the main client. When you start up Battle.net you will be met with an update for the game that includes the addition of the new Doomfist character, some nice changes to the Loot Box reward system, the ability to save highlights, an improved reporting system, and more.

Overwatch patch notes for July 27, 2017

New Hero: Doomfist (Offense):click here.

Loot Box UpdatesNew Highlight Optionshttps://youtu.be/OkYJlPMdWNA

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ReaperDeveloper Comment: Even though Shadow Step wasn't intended to be used as a way for players to teleport right next to an enemy without their knowledge, the sound effects were audible from distances that made teleportation difficult from nearly anywhere. This change allows Reaper to be a bit more sneaky with his flanking options.


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