About 80% of the most recent 24,000+ Steam reviews for Grand Theft Auto V have been negative following the Take-Two Interactive shutdown of the popular GTA modding tool, OpenIV.

This community disgust doesn't just stop with the Steam reviews. Instead, it continues on to an ongoing petition at Change.org, which currently has nearly 25,000 signatures. The petition will be sent to both Take-Two and Rockstar.
The closing of OpenIV leaves 10,000s of people without access to be able to mod their games, and leaves 10,000s of people without the ability to continue their hobbies. All modding used by OpenIV is for singleplayer use only to make the game more enjoyable, the software OpenIV was never used to mod multiplayer or Grand Theft Auto Online so it does not harm anyone.

Those looking for fun and unique ways to play Grand Theft Auto V aren't the only ones feeling anger this week over the shutdown of OpenIV. A number of machinima and video creators utilized OpenIV to create their content.

So far, it's not really clear as to why Take-Two issued the cease and desist to OpenIV. If it was done in an effort to cut back on the number of hackers in GTA Online, it doesn't seem to have worked at all. It probably stands to reason as the mod tools were aimed only at modding the single player experience. Those that are hacking in GTA Online will continue to do so.

This also comes right at the same time as Rockstar releasing the Gunrunning update for GTA Online. A large portion of vocal users have voiced their disgust with the update, claiming that the bulk of the DLC is nothing but an abhorrent attempt at pushing more Shark Card purchases. To purchase and research most of the content in the game, you will either need to spend multiple millions of in-game dollars and multiple days of in-game time, or multiple millions more to speed up the research to access the more advanced gear and weapons featured in the update.

So far, over 80 million copies of Grand Theft Auto V have been sold. I'm going to take a wild guess here and say that at this point, Take-Two probably doesn't give much of a damn about this or any other sort of petition.