We have some more PlayStation focused numbers for you today. Sony revealed that PlayStation Network users spend 26 billion minutes per week playing games. This works out to a bit shy of 50,000 years.

When you take that figure and average it out over the 60+ million PlayStation 4 owners, that's about seven hours per week per user.

Sony also revealed today that one-in-every five PlayStation consoles purchased is a PlayStation 4 Pro. The company also revealed that PlayStation VR has now sold more than one million units around the world, a figure largely kept low by production struggles. PlayStation VR has been sold out since launch, according to Sony.
"We don't see it as a fad, it's a brand new medium, not only for gaming entertainment, but non-gaming entertainment," said Shawn Layden.

Layden admits that they haven't done a very good job with forecasting sales for either the PlayStation VR or the PlayStation 4 Pro. He says that the "one in five" figure for Pro also suffers from the same sort of supply constraint that PlayStation VR suffers from and is confident the figures would be higher if only they could keep up with the demand.

Layden also said that the PlayStation 4 has been outselling the Xbox in North America by a factor of 2-to-1. In Europe, that figure is apparently closer to 3-to-1. The company also seems to be rather nonplussed about the Xbox Scorpio.
"Because the games need to play on both Pro and standard PS4, there can't be a radical departure between the two experiences," says Layden. "But I think we've hit a happy medium by enriching the visual experience, and developers enjoy having that extra oomph while knowing they're making games that play well on all 60 million PlayStation 4s. I guess we're trying to have our cake and eat it too."

What about Nintendo? Layden says that the Switch has been "a great success for Nintendo" and it's what "that fanbase has been waiting for." Is the Switch a rival? Not according to Layden. He sees the Switch and PS4 sitting side-by-side in households as sales of the Switch have had no significant impact on PS4 sales.

(via Time)