Ubisoft and Massive detailed the changes coming in the 1.6 update for Tom Clancy's The Division. This free update is in addition to the upcoming Last Stand DLC for the game. A solid release date for this update is not yet known but it will be available for testing via PTS very soon.

Before we get into the 1.6 update notes, we'll touch briefly on the Last Stand DLC. Last Stand will introduce a new competitive multiplayer mode that blends PvP with PvE. Last Stand is a session based mode where two teams of eight players are trying to accomplish a variety of tasks. You can get more details at The Division website.

Located at the bottom of the changes is mention of new "Premium Credits." Yeah, it's exactly what you think it is. They have an FAQ up right here that you can read.

  • Rogues killed
  • Manhunts survived
  • Extractions hijacked

PvE (not complete):
  • NPC enemies killed
  • locked chests looted
  • Items extracted.

All the tracked activities will be turned into total score, which is divided into three tiers, and the higher your score is compared to your fellow Dark Zone players the better rewards you will earn when the leaderboards reset on a weekly and a monthly basis.

Legendary difficulty

For this update, we wanted to give our hardcore players a real challenge. In order to do so, a Legendary difficulty mode has been added to three missions in the game. This mode is supposed to be the most challenging mode in the game, even more so than Heroic Incursions, and is really going to test your build, your tactics and your group synergy.

3 Story Missions have Legendary Difficulty:
  • Times Square
  • WarrenGate Power Plant
  • Napalm Production Site

Exotic items and new Gear Set
Gear Set changes
Armor and Resistances
Changes to Skill Power
Changes to Skills
  • The Sticky Bomb will get a delayed detonation with a red area warning and beeping sound before it explodes.
  • New Mods
    • BFB (damage),
    • Flashbang (crowd control, no damage, no longer cause the Disrupt status effect)
    • EMP that works against skills and skill proxies (such as Turrets and Seeker Mines).

PvP balancing
Economy changes
The in-game storePremium Credits FAQ.

Separate Experience Points
Survival Changes

Solo players will no longer end up in games together with players queuing as a group and grouping up while in a Survival game will be completely disabled in solo PvP Survival. In both PvE and PvP Survival, reviving a downed player will always cost a medkit (grouped or not).

Last Words

(Decent looking changelog format via Reddit)