Blizzard revealed their long-awaited plans on how they are going to overhaul Symmetra in Overwatch. Since release, players felt as though she was underpowered and thus underused.

Blizzard detailed the changes that will first hit the PTR in the very near future. This includes the fact that Symmetra will be the first Hero to have two different Ultimate abilities. One will create a shield generator while the other is her teleporter. Both will have more health than the current iteration of the teleport. The shield generator has a large AOE and will ignore line of sight to give bonus shields to teammates. It must be destroyed to be removed.

Her main attack beam will be extended slightly. She starts with six turrets instead of three with a cooldown timer. The cooldown timer is now 10 seconds instead of 12. She also has a new "Photon Barrier" attack, which is a shield that moves along a track.