It's release day. Rather, it's the day of the week in which most games are released. That is otherwise known as "Tuesday" for most everyone else. I say that this is the day that games are most often released, but that's not always true either. There's a lot of crap on Steam that doesn't give a damn for your traditional release days. We also have Nintendo out there just throwing caution to the wind and releasing games on the weekend.

Nintendo don't give a damn!

I give a damn, though. I give so much of a damn that I'm giving you another NewsBits today. It's full of games that are coming out or just stuff that I would be foolish to make into its own news post. And mind you, I am no fool.
Warhammer 40K: Eternal CrusadeGhost Theory is now up on KickstarterFinal Fantasy Explorers is out today on the 3DS. It's $39.99 (the same price as The Witness). A new trailer can be found on a site called YouTubeplay the Star Spangled BannerQuantum Break, the Xbox One "exclusive," was rated for the PC down in BrazilThe DivisionNordenfelt, was released today on Steam. It's a "vertical scrolling steampunk shoot 'em up game with a touch of bullet hell." You can check out Nordenfelt on SteamWWE 2K16Knotmania is a "3D arcade puzzle game about the exploration of an alien structure of rooms inhabited by the 'Strings'." This iOS title can be yours for just $2.99 from the Apple App Storemusic is used to tell a story in Unravelnew teaser trailerThe Witness was released today on the PC and PlayStation 4. The game is going for $39.99 (which is the same price as a copy of The Witness) and has received some rather favorable reviews.