Looks like the embargo for a preview event for The Division was lifted today because we have seen a good deal of new impressions from the Xbox One version of the game. Most notably is a 10 minute long video from Jackfrags that goes into as much detail as allowed about the game, gameplay, and story.

The video, seen below, seems to be from the Xbox One version of the game. Near the end he notes that he was not sure of the resolution of that version of the game and that the framerate was around 30 with some hitching. He also notes that he did play the PC version but cannot talk about it and that he did not get a chance to play the PS4 version.

There are also impressions from Arekkz Gaming, RPS, LevelCap, and VG247. Interestingly, VG247 found out that the game will not have microtransactions. The team will instead probably release DLC, which will be announced later.