Remember Asteroids?

Yeah, that game right there. It's an iconic game from the late 70's. It's difficult not to know what Asteroids is. Now take that, but turn it into a sandbox survival game. That's precisely what Atari is doing with Asteroids: Outpost. According to the studio, the game will take place on a giant asteroid. Players will search out resources, craft their gear, and build a base.

Players will also have to defend that base from other players. What about actually shooting asteroids? Yeah, that's still in the game at points. Asteroid showers will bring money and danger to the players, so you'll have to shoot them down to protect yourself.

Set in the distant future, Asteroids: Outpost thrusts players into a harsh deep space environment. While on a massive, unforgiving asteroid, players face the challenges of exploring the asteroid, collecting resources, scavenging for ore, crafting equipment, and expanding their territory as they build highly customized bases - all while forming alliances and fighting off other players in challenging multiplayer gameplay. Recurring showers of smaller asteroids represent a source of wealth and a threat as players shoot down these incoming projectiles to defend their claims and harvest their components.

From the sounds of it, it's almost like Space Engineers or Minecraft in space, or even a 3D Terraria or Starbound. Here's a bit more from the press release for the game.
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