Remember when media outlets were upset with Ubisoft because a review embargo time was set for 12 hours after the game was actually released to the public? Remember how Ubisoft said they were totally committed to fixing that rather severe lack of thought and respect for the media and their fans?

Well, they're sticking to their word with reviews for The Crew! There will not be a post-release embargo in place! Instead, Ubisoft has no embargo time since it seems as though they aren't giving out advance copies of the game to the media for review purposes. So, there could be a review up at midnight but that's assuming you're a-okay with the reviewer spending just one second playing the game, and the rest of that minute typing up a review and posting it.
The Crew will be available to media to begin their reviews when the game launches on December 2

Well, I guess technically they're sticking to their word about not having post-release embargo times.

(via Ubisoft)