We heard you like embargoes, so we're putting an embargo on your embargo.

Plan on reviewing Fallout 4? Chances are you received an email telling you that there is a review embargo in place for the game. That date is November 9 at 8AM (ET). That's all well and good, and not totally unexpected for a game release.

What is different is the fact that announcing when your outlet will have a review going live is also under a separate embargo. That's right, you have to wait until November 6 at 10AM (PT) before you are permitted to even just say when your review coverage is going to go live.

This mailing allegedly went out earlier today to outlets that are worthy enough to review Fallout 4 ahead of release. Kotaku obtained a copy of the email as it was not sent to them either.

As we are not one of those big, important outlets, we do not have anything to worry about as far as these embargoes are concerned (since we don't have a review copy right now). This is why as of this posting (5:45PM ET on November 5, 2015) I can say that our review plans are to maybe do a review whenever I want to. Even if I do somehow get a pre-release review copy, it's already so close to release that the review wouldn't be up until after the public release anyway.