Earlier today, I received an email from BioWare saying "You've Been Chosen." I ignored it for a bit since it was sent at almost 5AM and I continued to happily sleep a bit more. I finally get around to watching the trailer linked within and suddenly I'm hit with crazy, creepy visuals that are advertising something new from BioWare.

The "Nightmare" trailer above comes with the following lines:

Presumably, BioWare will be making an announcement on this game at GamesCom, which runs from the 13-17 in August. Unfortunately for BioWare, EA may have already let it slip what the game is called. EA has called the video thumbnail "ShadowRealms teaser" on their site. EA also trademarked the name "Shadow Realms" back in March. Oh well, at least the teaser trailer still looks pretty cool.

If you would like to know more, you can check out their official website for Shadow Realms/You've Been Chosen.