Responding to criticisms about the ambitious 2014 release window for The Division, developer Massive said that it felt like they were "punched in the face" when Ubisoft announced that extremely early date.
Finally our source tells us of how annoyed people at the studio were at Ubisoft without consulting with Massive when they revealed a 2014 street date at last year's E3.

"It felt like being punched in the face to be perfectly honest. At the end of the day we don't want to do a Battlefield 4 and release an unfinished game. There's too much potential in the concept that is The Division at the moment, that we've asked for more time and resources in order to fully realise this fantastic vision."

Additionally, Gamereactor's source said that there is no validity behind the claim that the studio is shifting focus of the game from the PlayStation 4 to the Xbox One.
"That's not correct. PlayStation 4 is the more powerful hardware and we feel it is easier to develop for. Snowdrop works better on PS4 and even if Microsoft do want us to shift lead platform that's not something that has happened."

Their source also notes that Uncharted 3 has served as inspiration for the animations in the game. Notably, there are more than "1,000 minor movements (that) are triggered as the player crouches down behind a car door, behind a garbage can, or skips over a stone." The animations are being described as "the best ever in an action game."