Get ready to go back to where it all began.

The Division 2: Warlords of New YorkOn Tuesday, February 11, Ubisoft will make a new announcement about some upcoming content for The Division 2. Today, that information has apparently leaked a bit ahead of schedule which means you get the benefit of knowing about it ahead of time.

A new Reddit post in the Division subreddit, shared the information that was gathered from a few different sources. It was compiled together by Reddit user, Hurinzor. One of the first pieces of information came from a trailer from Ubisoft Latin America, which spilled the beans on the name of the new content. Additional details also came via scrubbing of the Xbox API earlier today.

The new expansion is called Warlords of New York and appears to be the first piece of content slated for the second year of DLC for The Division 2. Despite the base game taking place in Washington D.C., this expansion takes players back to the city that was front and center in the first Division title.

As part of the Warlords of New York expansion, there will be a "Tactical Response Pack" released. This seems to include access to at least one New York Police Department themed item, a pump-action shotgun. At present, there is no telling whether or not this Tactical Response Pack will include additional weapons and items, or if that shotgun is it.

According to further details datamined from the API, we do know a bit about what additional content this expansion will include:
  • A new story in which you hunt down your nemesis.
  • A level boost to 30, allowing you to immediately play the Warlords of New York campaign right from the get-go
  • A "new" open world location of New York
  • An increased level cap to 40
  • A revamped level progression system
  • New tactical options including new exotics, gear, and skills
  • An "extended endgame" that includes "thematic three-month seasons"
At least one detail, the name of the new expansion, was also confirmed via the PlayStation Store for the Year 1 Season Pass. At the time of this writing, the store listing confirms that the Year 1 Pass does not include the Warlords of New York expansion. Furthermore, the Warlords of New York expansion will be sold separately starting on March 3, 2020.

We will obviously have the full details once the official announcement is made on Tuesday.

Here are the other images pulled both from the PlayStation Store listing mentioned above as well as images pulled from the Xbox API that users found.

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