More updates are already promised.
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A new update for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was released on May first specifically for the PC version of the game. This update supposedly tackles some of the title's massive performance and technical issues that were so bad EA had to issue a public statement on the day of the game's release.

Today's update is specific to the PC release of the game. The update says that it offers "performance improvements for non-raytraced rendering." It's very generalized and does not go into any specifics beyond this single line.

There will be yet another update released tomorrow, May 2 that will be for both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S platforms. This update will include fixes for the numerous crashes players have encountered, the dreadful performance on these consoles, and several other fixes. EA says that the reason the PC version won't get tomorrow's update is because these fixes are already in the PC version of the game.

As part of today's announcement, EA says that they are "hard at work on patches that will further improve performance and fix bugs across all platforms." They go on to say that there are more updates to come across all platforms and that they will "share that timing when it is available." Today's update on PC is actually the second major update released for the game, with the first being a massive day 1 patch that came at the game's launch.

I cannot personally comment on if this update fixed anything as I already uninstalled the game and plan to wait a decent amount of time while EA and Respawn Entertainment sort this mess out. However, based on responses I've seen from sites like ResetEra and the Steam Community, whether or not you see any performance uplift with this update is a real roll of the dice. Many users say that they saw absolutely no performance gains while some are reporting that their performance has "doubled" since the update. At least one Reddit user says that they saw some slight improvements with the update and that their GPU is being better utilized after the update but their CPU utilization is still quite low.

If you are in the middle of playing the game already, you may as well let the update do its thing. At worst, it sounds like the game won't perform any worse than it was. At best, you'll see a noticeable improvement on your hardware.

It will be interesting to see if tomorrow's update for the console versions manage to improve things on that front.