A 60FPS performance mode is supposedly coming later.
Image from Redfall set in a lived-in mansion that’s fallen into disrepair with a backlit vampire at the top of a wooden staircase with three heroes with their weapons at the ready staring up from the base of the stairs.

Arkane Studios revealed some truly unfortunate news today that is leaving a real sour taste in those looking forward to playing Redfall on Xbox Series X|S. Through a new tweet, the official Redfall account revealed that the game will launch only with a 30FPS Quality mode.

The tweet says that the Xbox Series X will run at 4K resolution with a 30FPS cap. The Xbox Series S will run at 1440p and will also be 30FPS. The PC version of the game will, presumably, not have this limitation.

Those of you who prefer higher framerate options will sadly have to wait for a post-release update to add it in. Arkane says that a 60FPS Performance mode will be added "at a later date."

The replies to the tweet announcing this are about what you would expect. That is to say, there are a lot of angry people that are finding this news rather unacceptable. It does seem absolutely ridiculous that a game, especially one focused on first-person combat, is launching without a 60FPS option in 2023.

The 30FPS limit at launch is also just another in a string of unpopular announcements when it comes to Redfall. First, there was word that only the host of a multiplayer session would make progress on the campaign. Then came word that you need a persistent connection to the Internet even if playing solo. Now, there is this announcement of the game launching with on a 30FPS mode.

Whomever is in charge of these decisions is making it very difficult to be excited for Redfall.