Move over Steam, there's another big spring sale now underway!
Text: Spring Sale 20.03 - 03.04, The image shows a bunch of animals in human clothes dancing around a colorful field full of spring flowers as they celebrate and enjoy a picnic together.

If you're already tired of the Steam Spring Sale, which is going on for another few days, then maybe GOG can excite and titillate. The service that offers good, old, and good old games just kicked off their spring sale event.

The aptly named Spring Sale runs from today through to April 3 at This sale includes event-long deals, daily deals, and even a free game for everyone. The free game is called Lorelai and is actually the third game of a trilogy that began in 2012. The first title was The Cat Lady, then came Downfall in 2016, and then Lorelai in 2019. I can't speak for the past two titles but The Cat Lady sure was a dark adventure game, both visually and in terms of tone and themes. I believe all three games are adventure titles with a heavy dose of horror and dark themes. If you have yet to play the first two games, you don't need to as they are all their own, self-contained stories.

Just the description for Lorelai should be a clear indicator that this one isn't for the youngsters.

Lorelai will never forget that day. The little she had, it was taken away. Her whole world disintegrated. She never really had a chance, but Lorelai refused to give up. She will fight. And not even death will stop her from getting it all back.
The daily deals during GOG's sale have already begun. It seems like the first "day" of daily deals is actually running for 48 hours, perhaps to ensure that those who don't get the news until late don't miss out on the first day of items. Those first deals of the day include:The free copy of Lorelai is available until March 23. The next daily deals begin on March 22. The sale itself ends April 3.