Do you prefer consoles? PC? Maybe mobile is your preferred platform?
Three game company logos showing Xbox, PlayStation, and Windows (PC).

This month's poll is a bit generic if only because I really don't know what to ask right now and this is the easiest thing that came to mind. The question is simple: Which sort of platform do you prefer to play games on?

Do you like playing on consoles? Do you prefer to play games on PC? What about mobile games? Maybe you prefer to spend most of your time on your phone playing this, that, or the other.

Let us know, and then let us know in the comments below what your specific preferred platform is, especially if you choose to play on consoles. Which console do you spend most of your time with?

There might be another poll later this month if when that whole Counter-Strike on Source 2 thing pans out. If it does actually happen, they better bring back Aztec, Estate, Havana, and Dust. YOU HEAR ME, VALVE?! BRING THEM BACK, YOU COWARDS! Alright, maybe we can do without Estate and possibly Havana, but Aztec and Dust? C'mon.