Though, there is no date yet.
A girl with a cape standing in a field. In the distance is an open-air domed structure.

Forspoken is a game that certainly has some performance woes on both the PlayStation 5 and PC. The lofty hardware requirements on PC certainly paint a picture of a game that has been poorly optimized. Trying to play the game on PC at 1440p with just 60FPS on a 1080 Ti wasn't exactly what I would consider "a fun time." Settings had to be lowered considerably and FSR had to be set to Ultra Performance to get anywhere near a stable 60FPS. Even then, dips still occurred.

Thankfully, game director Takeshi Aramaki says that some performance improvements are coming. However, there's just no saying when those improvements will actually arrive. Aramaki's comments about the performance improvements were made through Twitter.

"We've been listening to all your feedback and are hard at work on an upcoming patch that will include improvements to overall performance, graphics, playability, and general updates and fixes to the game content across PS5 and various PC hardware configurations.

"We are committed to making Forspoken the most enjoyable experience possible and will provide an update about the timing of the next patch as soon as possible."
On the PlayStation 5 side of things, I've seen reports of the framerate deviating from its 30FPS target down into the 20s. More generally, there have been several complaints made about the game's visuals on both platforms, including poor ambient occlusion implementation, poor texture work, and more.