343 delivered a nice holiday gift to fans.
Screenshot showing a server browser for custom games in Halo Infinite

The December update for Halo Infinite just dropped and wow is it ever a good one. This update offers up a bunch of new features, a custom game browser, some free cosmetic items, a new map, and several improvements for all available platforms. Best of all, this update is free to everyone.

Today's update includes the addition of the Custom Game Browser. This will let you start and join custom games using any map or mode combination. This includes content that was created in Forge. The browser lists currently active custom games that players can join immediately without waiting in a lobby. Once the game ends, players in the session will remain in the same Fireteam which allows the Fireteam leader to start a new custom game.

343 Industries is also offering players four free Armor Cores and 10 Cadet Armor Coatings. The cores are the Mark V (B), Rakshasa, Yoroi, and Eaglestrike. These cores were previously only attainable via Premium Battle Passes of from limited-time events. The following 10 Cadet Armor Coatings have also been made available for all Armor Cores for free:
  • Cadet Blue
  • Cadet Brick
  • Cadet Brown
  • Cadet Cyan
  • Cadet Forest
  • Cadet Grey
  • Cadet Orange
  • Cadet Sage
  • Cadet Violet
  • Cadet Yellow

Screenshot showing a futuristic looking city map called Empyrean from Halo Infinite

​The new map, Empyrean, is now available. This map was created in Forge and is based on the classic Halo 3 multiplayer map we have all come to know and love as The Pit. A few changes were made here and there to transfer some elements from Halo 3 to Infinite. For example, the machine gun turrets at each base are now Scrap Cannons. Weapon spawns throughout the map are now using Weapon Racks like in other maps for Infinite.

All platforms have various networking improvements. These improvements seem to be focused on making the melee far more consistent in matches. On the PC side of things, specifically, there were a couple of additional improvements. Your aiming reticle will now turn red when aiming at an enemy within your weapon's effective range. There is now also an in-game HDR toggle. PC players can now also bind a key to walk slowly in order to avoid radar detection. Mouse sensitivity has also been reduced while firing a weapon in its functional range. Improvements have been made to mouse scrolling to swap weapons.

Today's update also includes several new improvements and adjustments. Be sure to read up on the full changelog. Or, just go hop into multiplayer to grab your free items and try out Infinite's take on The Pit.