So long loot boxes, hello overpriced microtransactions.
Overwatch 2 Mythic Skin price

When Overwatch 2 launches later this year, the loot boxes we have all come to know and hate will be no more. Replacing the RNG-filled boxes will be seasonal Battle Passes and apparently some optional cosmetic microtransactions that will allow you to, presumably, buy the skins you want without delay.

This all sounds super great, until you hear that Blizzard recently sent out a survey that seems to suggest they are at least considering charging players up to $45 (USD) for an individual skin.

The survey in question came to light via Twitter user Portergauge. This person uploaded screenshots from a survey their friend received in which they were asked how much money they were willing to pay for skins and other rewards in Overwatch 2. The options ranged from "Very Likely" to "Very Unlikely" on how inclined they would be to purchase new rewards.

The survey asked specifically about various skins and items across a variety of price ranges:
  • Mythic Skin – $44.99
  • Legendary Skin Bundle (including weapon charm, player icon, victory pose, voice line, name card, and spray) – $29.99
  • Legendary Skin – $24.99
  • Emote Highlight Intro Souvenir – $19.99
  • Weapon Char – $9.99
  • 3 Sprays Bundle – $4.99
The tweet and subsequent angry response made its way around social media over the weekend. Blizzard did issue a statement about the survey and pricing to Kotaku.

“This survey is entirely intended to better understand player preferences for different types of Overwatch 2 cosmetics,” an Overwatch spokesperson told Kotaku via email. “Prices displayed in the survey were randomized per user and are not indicative of final pricing. We plan to share details on our Shop and Battle Pass system closer to our Oct. 4 launch.”
On one hand, Overwatch 2 will be a free-to-play game at release. This is ignoring the fact that many people already "bought in" to Overwatch when they paid for the first Overwatch game.

On the other hand, Blizzard's latest release of Diablo Immortal has proven that Blizzard is not above price gouging players in F2P titles. Furthermore, it has also proven to Blizzard that the F2P model is very lucrative, with Diablo Immortal pulling in $49 million (USD) in its first month of availability.