One of the better Borderlands-adjacent games is coming to Steam in two days.
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands key art

Apparently, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands was only a 3-month timed exclusive to the Epic Games Store, because Gearbox and 2K just announced that the new looter shooter is hitting Steam on June 23. For those not aware of the date, that release is happening just two days from the time this news post goes up.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands will be out at 10AM (PT) on June 23. When it launches, it will feature crossplay with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and the Epic Games Store versions. Meaning you can party up with your friends no matter which platform they're playing on.

The game's Steam release will typically cost $59.99 (USD) for the Standard Edition or $79.99 for the Chaotic Great Edition. This more expensive version includes the Dragon Lord Pack along with the game's Season Pass. The Season Pass includes an extra playable class (coming later), the Butt Stallion cosmetic pack, and access to all four Mirrors of Mystery DLCs.

The Steam release will be discounted to some degree at launch up through July 7th. However, we don't know how much it will be discounted yet, only that it will be discounted.

Now, we can definitely recommend to you the base game for Tiny Tina's Wonderlands. Everything about how enjoyable it was we covered in Total Gaming Network's review of Tiny Tina's Wonderlands. What we cannot do is recommend the Mirrors of Mystery DLC releases. So far, they all seem to be quite lacking and add nothing story related.

If you want the more expensive version with all of the content, by all means go for it. So far, Coiled Captors and Glutton's Gamble have been released. The third Mirrors of Mystery DLC, entitled Molten Mirrors, will be out on June 23 on all platforms including Steam. The fourth Mirror of Mystery DLC will be out later this year and will add in the Blightcaller class. This is a class that makes use of channeled spirits and storms to wear down enemies with poison and elemental damage.

In Molten Mirrors, players will battle Fyodor the Soul Warden, who lords over his horde of lost souls deep within his mountain stronghold. In order to break their chains, players need to defeat Fyodor’s murderous mechanized defenses, including terror-powered turrets, blazing furnaces, and bone-crushing hammers, all while looting for new weapons, gear, and cosmetic items. Additional details about Molten Mirrors are available on the game's official website.
There is also some good news for those that will move from the Epic Games Store over to the Steam release for whatever reason. Hey, I'm not here to judge. I've certainly done that myself on a couple of games.

Gearbox and 2K says that it is possible to transfer save data between the Steam release and the Epic Games Store version. However, this save data will need to be moved manually. The companies say that players do run the risk of potentially losing their save files, so they strongly recommend making a backup copy before attempting to manually transfer the data.

Unfortunately, we don't have the details on how to transfer those saves just yet. Details about that will apparently be added to 2K's support page in time for the Steam release.