You have three days to try out the not-Destiny action title from Square Enix.
Outriders Worldslayer

From right now, that being Monday, June 20, 2022, through to Thursday, June 23, you are able to play Outriders for free through Steam.

This free period will give everyone access to the base Outriders game with zero restrictions over these next few days. This includes being able to cross-play with people that are on other platforms. Naturally, any progress you make in this trial will carry over should you decide to purchase the game to keep playing.

Speaking of which, the game is also on sale right now for 45% off the base game, or 33% off the Outriders Worldslayer edition. This is the release that includes the base game and the upcoming Worldslayer expansion coming on June 30. If you just want the expansion, it's 10% off ahead of release.

Having played Outriders with my friends, I can pretty safely say that it's not quite like Destiny. Sure, it kind of looks like Destiny at times and there is the fact that your characters have crazy abilities in addition to using guns, but they're very different games. Outriders is more third-person looter-shooter action.

But that's what this free trial is for. Try it out and see for yourself if you haven't already. The screenshots included below are from the upcoming Worldslayer expansion.

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OUTRIDERS is a hard-hitting Looter Shooter set in an original dark sci-fi world. Humanity slowly bleeds out on the storm-ravaged planet of Enoch. You awaken as one of the last of the Outriders, somehow Altered by the terrifying Anomaly, infused with incredible powers. Embark on an epic journey across a hostile planet where everything has hyper-evolved to kill you to lead humanity to safety. Choose from four different classes and use deep and flexible character customisation to build your own play style, collect twisted and beautiful guns and gear, and wield destructive and dominating powers. Stay aggressive, kill to heal and take the fight to your enemies in single player or with up to three players in co-op, as you explore the unknown across an epic story campaign.