Season 2 isn't living up to anybody's expectations.
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Halo Infinite Season 2 launched earlier this week and it hasn't gone over too well with fans. Players of all skill types have been hit by several new bugs.

Players have complained about the semi-automatic weapons "jamming" on them when firing. Looking through the Halo Infinite subreddit shows several other issues such as not being rewarded for completing weekly challenges, attachments and charms being bugged or outright missing, audio glitches, and even some experiencing more frequent game crashes.

Many professional players of the multiplayer mode and speedrunners tackling the single player campaign have issues with this update and new season. 343 Industries removed several skill jump locations from a number of maps. These were often difficult to pull off techniques that were really only ever seen in pro-level play. Those speedrunning the campaign can no longer launch themselves across the map using fusion coils and wonky physics interactions. 343 Industries also removed the invisible and portable "scorpion gun" from the campaign.

It seems very bizarre that any of these campaign changes were made given that it's a single player experience and does not hinder other players in any capacity. Even outside of the speedrunning community, the physics glitches and invisible scorpion cannon were just fun to use.

Many have also expressed that they aren't too happy about the lack of new content nor the fact that this second season will run for six months. That will be six months before any other new maps or content are added to the game.

343 Industries seems keenly aware of Halo Infinite's current issues. Senior community manager at 343 Industries John Junyszek created a Twitter thread talking about things that they are fixing, have been fixed, and more. Junyszek notes that challenges that were broken for Last Spartan Standing in the Interference Event have been fixed and should now be "tracking more accurately and helping you earn rewards."

In addition, the team is aware of the gun "jamming" issue. They say that this is an unintentional bug and will be patched soon.

To attempt to compensate players a little, 343 Industries will be giving all players that log in during the current event some bonuses. These include 5 XP Boosts and 5 Challenge Swaps.