Or maybe he was just talking about the end of the world.
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Santa Monica Studio animation director Bruno Velazquez says that "Ragnarok is coming this year." This was a statement made in response to a fan asking on Twitter if God of War: Ragnarok was coming this year "100%."

Earlier this week, God of War: Ragnarok producer Cory Barlog took to social media to offer his thanks to the God of War fans. April 20th was the four-year anniversary of 2018's God of War release and Barlog wanted to show his appreciation to the fanbase. He also took a brief moment to say that they were still hard at work on the sequel, Ragnarok, and that the moment they're ready to show more of it, they will do so.

This led many fans to wonder if the game would be delayed again, perhaps until some point in 2023 or later. While Velazquez may not be the end all, be all authority on when the game will be released, it is nice to see some sort of a statement concerning the release date.