This was not entirely unexpected.
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Sony just announced that the sequel to 2018's God of War has been delayed until some time in 2022. Not only that, but they confirmed that the game will be coming to both the PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 4.

Herman Hulst, the head of PlayStation Studios, shared the news via the PlayStation Blog just a short time ago today. This was revealed along with a few other tidbits of information via a mini Q&A on the future of PlayStation Studios.

For instance, Hulst reveals that PlayStation Studios currently have more than 25 title sin development. He says that "almost half of these are new IPs." When it comes to the still untitled God of War sequel, Hulst says that "the project started a little later." This led to the decision to "push that game out to next year, to ensure that Santa Monica Studio can deliver the amazing God of War game that we all want to play."

The next God of War will be in good company for games that are on both the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Hulst reconfirms that Horizon Forbidden West is also still coming to both platforms. It seems as though Gran Turismo 7 is also getting the dual-generation treatment as well if you take his remarks at face value.

PC players looking forward to new experiences from PlayStation should be happy to know that Sony is still working on bringing more PlayStation experiences to that platform. However, he does note that PlayStation consoles will "remain the best place to play our PlayStation Studios titles at launch." That was probably already understood though.

As a little bonus, feel free to read the comments on that blog post. There are some real salty PlayStation fanboys upset that Sony is finally embracing PC as a platform.

How does PC fit into the worldview of PlayStation Studios moving forward?

Hermen: We’re still early on in our planning for PC. And Horizon Zero Dawn has been very successful. I think it shows there’s an appetite from gamers outside the PlayStation ecosystem to experience the amazing portfolio of games that PlayStation fans have enjoyed for years.

But I want to emphasize that PlayStation will remain the best place to play our PlayStation Studios titles at launch. But we do value PC gamers, and we’ll continue to look at the right times to launch each game. Bend Studio just released the PC version of Days Gone on May 18. So that’s about two years after the PS4 release.

And I hope that a new set of fans can and will enjoy that title. And that’s the goal — we want to reach new gamers who haven’t yet experienced the great stories, characters, and worlds that we’ve built. Releasing games on PC will not come ever at the expense of building an exciting lineup of great console games.