Seriously, who are these things even made for?
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Xbox and Gucci have teamed up to create a special and super limited Xbox Series X console. There will only be 100 of these bundles created and each one will cost you $10,000 (USD).

The Guccui-branded Xbox Series X has the Gucci "GG" pattern laser cut into the console. Gucci is calling this design an "evolution" of the original Gucci design from the 1930s. The "GG" stands for either Guccio Gucci's initials or "good game" depending on who you're talking to. Also included in this package are two custom Xbox Wireless controllers. These controllers feature blue and red stripes but are otherwise identical to regular wireless controllers.

The whole offering comes with a vintage luggage carrying case. This luggage also has those blue and red stripes as well as a bright yellow handle.

Each of these $10K consoles will be individually numbered. You'll be able to purchase your own on November 17th but only if you physically visit the following store locations:
  • New York - Wooster
  • Beverly Hills - Rodeo Drive
  • Mexico City - Moliere Palacio de Hierro
  • Milan - Gucci Circolo
  • London - Gucci Circolo
  • Berlin - Gucci Circolo
  • Beijing - SKP
  • Tokyo - Shibuya Parco
According to IGN, these bundles also include a subscription to Xbox Game Pass. However, nothing in the promotional materials say how long the subscription is for. I'd find it rather amusing if this $10K console only included like three months of Game Pass, and not even Game Pass Ultimate, just regular Game Pass.

Maybe we'll see more of these bizarre collaborations next week during the Xbox Anniversary Celebration on November 15.

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