A new, friendly mob was voted by the fans to become the next Minecraft addition.
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Minecraft fans recently cast their votes to select a new mob that will be added to the game. This year's winner is Allay, a blue, flying spirit that will collect items for the player. Not only that, but Allay apparently loves to dance if there are active music blocks nearby.

Allay won the vote during this year's Minecraft Live event and was announced via Twitter. It was going up against two other potential mob additions that included a Bronze Golem and the Glare. Last year, the winning mob was none other than the Glow Squid. The Allay will go out and retrieve more of the same block type that you give it initially.

Also revealed this weekend during Minecraft Live were the first details on the next major update for the game. Mojang is calling that update "The Wild" and will bring some substantial improvements and additions to the game's existing biomes.

One such improvement mentioned by the devs focused on the Birch Forest biome. The Wild's update will make trees taller and spread out a bit more. Wildflowers and shrubs will populate the forest floor going forward.

The Wilds will also add in a new area called the Mangrove Swamp. This area will include a new wood type, mangrove wood, a mud block that lets you make mud bricks, boats with chests, fireflies, and a new frog mob. The Deep Dark Biome is now a part of The Wilds update instead of being a part of the planned second half of the Caves and Cliffs update. This biome focuses on underground caves that include ruined civilizations that hide various treasures.