A new event in Sea of Thieves will lead you to unexpected rewards.
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The super popular Sea of Thieves just kicked off another new in-game event today that will allow would-be pirates to earn some sick booty. That booty that I speak of? Why it's none other than a special Borderlands themed pirate ship. Because when I think setting sails on the high seas, I think of... Borderlands?

In what is undoubtedly a very unique crossover, players are tasked with "Making Mayhem" on the high seas. Players are tasked with building favor with the Bilge Rats by completing both Minor Mayhem Challenges and Major Mayhem Challenges. The more challenges you complete, the closer you will get to unlocking parts of the Mayhem ship set. The Mayhem ship of course being heavily inspired by the general aesthetic of the Borderlands games. That is to say, it's very yellow, it has Vault symbols all over it, and it's got a pirate themed Claptrap as a figurehead.

Rare says that the event runs from now, August 24th, through to September 7, which should give all of you savvy sailors plenty of time to unlock the ship designs.