$200 million to get at least four first-party Sony titles.

Over the past several months, Epic Games has been in a legal battle with Apple. Back in May, a ton of information was shared on the Internet concerning the internal operations of both companies, this just happened to include word that Epic was offering Sony millions of dollars to get first-party PlayStation titles on to the PC. Or, more specifically, millions of dollars to get PlayStation titles on the Epic Games Store.

Now a new report from The Verge recaps a few of the more interesting bits of information from the case. A 222-page confidential document was shared during the trial, which also made its way to public view. This document says that Sony was offered $200 million to get at least four first-party titles to the PC. The document says that Epic was waiting for a response from Sony for about 4-6 titles.

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For their part, Sony has already released a couple of PC ports of popular first-party titles, including Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn. Both of these titles had simultaneous releases on the Epic Games Store along with Steam and other digital storefronts.

The same document note includes a few snippets about Microsoft and Nintendo. For instance, Epic Games notes they have opened conversations with Microsoft. They also say that Phil (presumably Phil Spencer) has been meeting with Gabe (Newell) occasionally. When it comes to Nintendo, Epic feels as though getting Nintendo titles on PC is a "moonshot," ie: impossible.

Sony has already said that there will be more PC ports of their first-party titles coming.