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Square Enix sounds proud of the reception to this new looter-shooter.

Outriders, the newest looter-shooter-RPG developed by People Can Fly, has seen over 3.5 million unique players in its first month of availability. The publisher says that this new IP is "poised to be the company's next big franchise."

Square Enix also shared that the average play time for those 3.5 million players is over 30 hours. There was also "extremely high engagement for co-operative play."

That's not too bad for a new IP that decided not to go the route of a GAAS title. For those unaware, Outriders is a "what you see, is what you get" game. There aren't plans for drip-feeds of content over time. There aren't even any plans (yet at least) for DLC. It's a game with no extra strings attached, which is pretty unusual in this day and age.

Outriders is available for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Steam, Epic Games Store, GeForce Now, and Stadia.

OUTRIDERS is a hard-hitting RPG-Shooter set in an original dark sci-fi world. The last of humanity slowly bleeds out in the trenches of the wild and unforgiving world of Enoch, and you awake as one of the last of the Outriders and an Altered, infused with incredible powers. Journey across a hostile planet where everything has hyper-evolved to kill you. Choose from four different classes and use deep and flexible character customisation to build your own play style, collect twisted and beautiful guns and gear, and wield destructive and dominating powers. Stay aggressive, kill to heal and take the fight to your enemies in single player or with up to three players in co-op, as you explore the unknown across an epic story campaign.