Alongside the release of Clint Barton's Hawkeye.
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Square Enix announced today that Marvel's Avengers will get a next-gen upgrade for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on March 18, 2021. This will be released alongside the second playable Hero, Clint Barton. Barton, otherwise known as Hawkeye, likes to shoot arrows with a bow.

Those with the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One versions of Marvel's Avengers will get the next-gen upgrade at no additional cost. Their saves will also transfer over in order to continue playing without interruption.

Hawkeye's addition also comes with a new Operation: Hawkeye - Future Imperfect. This new Operation includes a new villain, Maestro. Maestro is apparently a "version of Hulk with Bruce Banner's brains and the Hulk's strengths and abilities, now driven mad in an apocalyptic future."

The next-gen release of Marvel's Avengers will run at up to 4K resolution on PS5 and Series X. The Series S will run at 1440p. Load times are, of course, super fast across all three of the next-gen consoles. There will also be higher resolution textures, farther draw distances, better looking heroics and armor destruction, and other visuals tweaks.

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About Marvel’s Avengers Operation: Hawkeye– Future Imperfect
Future Imperfect’s story picks up in the wake of Clint Barton’s protégé Kate Bishop’s Operation, Taking AIM and can be played solo or with up to three friends to deliver the ultimate Super Hero experience. Players will learn more about Hawkeye’s quest to find Nick Fury, leader of SHIELD, who he believed could help stop the rise of AIM. What he uncovered instead was a dangerous new weapon being built by Scientist Supreme Monica Rappaccini that could change the fate of humanity. Along the way, Clint finds himself wrapped up in a time-bending experiment, journeying to a future Earth destroyed by cosmic forces and inhabited by Maestro, an older, twisted version of Hulk who is as smart as he is strong.

The lead-up to Future Imperfect began with Marvel’s Avengers Operation: Kate Bishop – Taking AIM, which launched on December 8, 2020. In Taking AIM, Kate Bishop, master archer and skilled gymnast, resurfaced after her investigation of Nick Fury’s disappearance following A-Day led to Hawkeye going missing as well. As she unraveled the mystery behind the sudden appearance of time-warping Tachyon Rifts, she uncovered a twisted new plan from AIM, which pushed her to work with the Avengers once again.