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Ghost Recon Breakpoint is getting a special crossover event with Rainbow Six Siege thanks to the newly announced Operation Amber Sky. This event is slated to begin on January 21 and will feature a free nine-mission storyline starring three characters from Siege. Those characters are Ash, Thatcher, and Finka.

This small campaign focuses on the sale and distribution of a new chemical weapon called "Amber Ruin." The characters from Siege have been deployed to Aurora to help deal with this new threat. They will be aided by the Breakpoint Ghosts, naturally.

There will be some unique gameplay elements included with Operation Amber Sky. Specifically, you will need to maintain your gas mask and replace its filter on a regular basis. This is because Amber Ruin will make the air in some regions unbreathable, not for any real-world reason... cough cough.

If you play through these missions, you will be able to unlock the Siege operation skins to be used in Breakpoint. You will also have the ability to call in the Siege operators in as replacements for your normal AI teammates.

Operation Amber Sky begins on January 21, 2021. This operation also goes hand-in-hand with a free weekend for Breakpoint, which will run through January 24. This free weekend is available to everyone on every platform that the game is available on. There will also be a sale of up to 85% off available during that free weekend period, in case you wanted to keep playing after the 24th. All progress made during the trial period will be carried over to the full game if you purchase it.

Operation Amber Sky arrives as part of Title Update 3.10, a free update launching on January 19. The event – which is the latest in a long string of post-launch additions for Ghost Recon Breakpoint, including Episode 3: Red Patriot – also coincides with a free weekend. From January 21 to January 24, players will be able to download and play Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Operation Amber Sky for free on Xbox X | S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PC, and Stadia. PC and console players can preload the game starting on January 19, and the current trial offer – which lets players preview the game for free for six hours – will be paused during the free weekend.