EA benefits begins on November 10.
EA Play Game Pass

In six weeks from today (September 29), EA Play will be added at no addition cost to your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate benefits. That just also happens to be the same date in which the Xbox Series X|S will be launched worldwide. It's a hell of a day for Xbox fans out there that just seems to keep getting better and better.

EA Play will benefit those on the Xbox One and Series X|S platforms alike. December will see more benefits come to those with Game Pass Ultimate or Game Pass PC subscriptions. Specifically, those with active subs will be able to download and play games from the EA Play library on Windows 10 PCs.

To recap: November 10 will see EA Play Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on consoles. December will see those benefits come to PC to those with active Ultimate or PC Game Pass subscriptions.

EA also shared today that they are starting to add some of Bethesda's "iconic" franchise to Xbox Game Pass for console and PC. Future games, including Starfield will be coming to Xbox and PC. The first Bethesda title to hit Game Pass since Microsoft's recent acquisition is DOOM Eternal. Look for that on October 1 via Game Pass.