It just works.
Todd Howard

Todd Howard, head of Bethesda Game Studios, has also decided to weigh in on today's news that Microsoft is acquiring ZeniMax for $7.5 billion (USD). Howard shared his thoughts via a posting at just a short while ago today.

He seems to view this new partnership as a match made in heaven. He and the Xbox team have long aligned in their views on gaming.

Microsoft and their new Xbox crew had a view, that I came to share completely. Shouldn’t we allow anyone to have this experience? Why does it matter where the screen is or what the controller is? There are many people without the same access, and we can bring it to them.
Morrowind, an OG Xbox title (as well as PC), reportedly went on to become one of the system's best selling Xbox games of all time. Howard continues on to talk about how both he and Microsoft shared "in the belief that expanding the reach of gaming was fundamental" regardless of which platform people chose to play on.

Like our original partnership, this one is about more than one system or one screen. We share a deep belief in the fundamental power of games, in their ability to connect, empower, and bring joy. And a belief we should bring that to everyone - regardless of who you are, where you live, or what you play on. Regardless of the screen size, the controller, or your ability to even use one.

We can’t think of a better group of people to do that with than those at Xbox. We have friendships that go back to those original days. From Phil to his senior leaders to developer support, they don’t just talk about putting players first, they passionately live it.