Company will no longer build PC-only VR headsets.
Oculus Quest 2

Facebook announced today that they will discontinue the manufacture and sale of the Rift product line in early 2021. Once this happens, the company will no longer have any PC-only VR headsets available for sale.

This reveal comes shortly after the company announced the Quest 2, a device that will still make use of the Oculus Link in order to connect to a PC if so desired.

“We’re going to focus on standalone VR headsets moving forward. We’ll no longer pursue PC-only hardware, with sales of Rift S ending in 2021. That said, the Rift Platform isn’t going anywhere,” the company announced. “In fact, we’ve seen significant growth in PC VR via Oculus Link, and the Rift Platform will continue to grow while offering high-end PC VR experiences like Lone Echo II and Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond well into the future.”
Sadly, it seems as though there is still very much a market for PC-first VR as continued strong sales of the Valve Index show us. Valve's own hardware survey shows us that sales of the Oculus Rift S have been increasing on a monthly basis as well. Meaning that there still is a huge segment of consumers that want a PC-focused VR device. In fact, four out of the top five devices are PC-focused.

Alas, most of the news announced today during the latest Facebook Connect was focused entirely on the Quest.

As Road to VR points out, Oculus first launched their Rift lineup in 2016. They then released the 6DOF standalone headset, the Oculus Quest, in 2019. At the same time, the company released the Rift S but it was pretty clear that Oculus saw the Quest as their favorite child.