Sounds like it might be Unreal Engine.
Next-gen PES

Konami still makes games occasionally. One of those games that they make that isn't Bomberman is none other than PES (Pro Evolution Soccer), their annual soccer (or football for you non-Americans) sports release. Konami says today that the future of the franchise on next-gen machines will make use of an "updated engine" that will "enable (them) to dazzle you with staggering improvements to all areas of the game."

These improvements include more realistic player models, animations, physics, photorealistic visuals, and more. They are also working on improvements for myClub and the Master League content. All of these improvements comes at a cost.

That cost right now is the current generation iteration of the game. Instead of getting a whole new release, Konami says that they will have a streamlined offering that they're calling a "season update." The studio does not specify what this "season update" actually entails. It could be a downloadable update for the current title that is available that will update the rosters and other aspects of the title in minor ways. Or it has the potential to be a small purchasable add-on to the existing game. I cannot imagine that Konami would release a drastically paired back full game at a reduced cost.

At present, they anticipate that they will begin testing of their next-gen PES title sometime in the middle of 2021.

This year also marks a quarter of a century since the very first PES title was released. To commemorate this important milestone, and more importantly, to show our gratitude to you, our loyal fans, we are pleased to announce that this year's PES will launch at an affordable anniversary price and will also come with several bonuses.

Currently, we aim to begin testing of our next-gen title sometime in mid-2021, with an estimated release date later in the same year.

Until that time, we hope to see you back on the pitch in this year's season update.