That's like... 19 years of content.
Fallout 76 roadmap

Moments ago, Bethesda announced and revealed the 2020 roadmap for what's in store for Fallout 76. Even though it's already mid-May, a roadmap of future content is never a bad idea. As part of their roadmap reveal, Bethesda announced "76 Seasons." This should be exciting news for veteran players and those who may have just started to play the game after its recent release on Steam.

In most cases, you could take that to mean there are 76 seasons of content in the pipeline. You would be incorrect. It's just called 76 Seasons because the game is called Fallout 76. Do you see what they did there? Do you? I hope so. It's a tricky one but once it clicks, you'll have that "a-ha!" moment.

First off, the roadmap reveals that there will be a "major rebalancing of combat and rewards across Appalachia" for players of all levels and skill types. They will also overhaul the current Challenge system and implement those changes in the form of Seasons. There will also be other new features such as "Ally Dress Up, C.A.M.P. Shelters, and Legendary Perks." There will also be new events and some alterations made to community favorite events. Bethesda also quickly touches upon new content that will be found in repeatable Daily Ops and Expeditions.

There will also be a year-long story arc focused on the Brotherhood of Steel. That specifically will kick off later this year. First off, let's dive into those new 76 Seasons.

Fallout 76 Seasons

76 Seasons is a new account-wide progression system for Fallout 76 that aims to overhaul the current Challenge system. It will also provide players with a lot of new in-game rewards. Seasons will be available to all players and will allow them to unlock "dozens of new and unique rewards from Power Armor paints and C.A.M.P. items to Atoms, Legendary Scrip, Perk Packs, and so much more." Keep in mind here that Atoms are the premium currency used in Fallout 76 and can also be purchased using real-world money.

Previously, Atoms were rewarded for completing Daily and Weekly Challenges. Now with this 76 Seasons idea, you will earn a new currency: S.C.O.R.E. points. These points advance players' progress through the Season. Bethesda says that this change will lead to a "more engaging, flexible, and fun experience for all types of players." And, if that doesn't work out well, Bethesda says that the Seasons are still subject to change based on internal playtest results and player feedback.

However, here are how Seasons will pan out at present:

  • Players will see a new option on the Main Menu that will take them to a uniquely Fallout-themed seasonal progression screen. During Season 1, this will be a Captain Cosmos-themed boardgame!
  • All players begin at the first space on the board -- Rank 1 out of 100. Advancing along the board involves acquiring a new type of currency, S.C.O.R.E., obtainable through the revamped Challenge system and other in-game activities.
  • Challenges will be less complicated and easier to complete, typically involving activities players would complete by playing Fallout 76 as they normally would.
  • Rewards are handed out at every rank, with bigger rewards the more you advance and at specific milestones (Rank 25, 50, 76, etc).
  • Players will have the option to spend 150 Atoms to skip ranks after the first two weeks of a Season. After two weeks, players can move ahead in ranks by spending Atoms as a means for those late to a Season a chance to catch up.
  • Seasons will run for 10 weeks with a two-week break between the end of one season the start of the next.
The first of these Fallout 76 seasons kicks off this Summer with the release of Patch 20 for the game. A much more detailed look at the Seasons, the new S.C.O.R.E. system, and some of the items that you can unlock can be found at the Fallout 76 website.