In case that wasn't obvious.
The Elder Scrolls VI

Bethesda's Pete Hines confirmed again this weekend that any details for The Elder Scrolls VI are still many years away. This was completely expected after Bethesda's first reveal from E3 2018 that said it was coming after Starfield. As Starfield is also still quite a ways away, this should come as no surprise to anybody.

Starfield itself was only briefly discussed back at E3 2018. We did not know much about the game then. In fact, we know about as much now as we did back in 2018, which is to say: Next to nothing. All we really know is that Starfield was announced as a next-generation title. It was also said to be in development with new hardware in mind.

And do we even have that new hardware yet? Nope. The next-generation of PlayStation and Xbox are still several months away from being released. This should give you some idea of how far off Starfield still is. Better still, that should give you an idea of how far off The Elder Scrolls VI is.

Even still, we have people out here asking Bethesda to share details on a game that may only exist as a glint in Todd Howard's eye.

It seems a little absurd that this is even news, but here we are. I felt compelled to make this a story purely because people still don't seem to grasp just how far off these games are, especially The Elder Scrolls VI. Yeah, maybe stop bothering Bethesda employees about this one, eh?