Sony somehow won CES just by showing a logo.
PS5 logo

Just two days ago, Sony wowed the world by revealing the logo for the PlayStation 5 during their presentation at CES 2020. Today, that life changing logo is now also (apparently) a record breaker. Well, it broke a record on Instagram at least. Maybe.

According to VGC, Sony's PS5 logo image pulled in roughly 5.1 million likes and 136,000 comments in the span of less than 48 hours. This apparently now makes it the most "liked" gaming related post in the history of Instagram. This has surpassed the former champ that was the Fortnite x Avengers Endgame crossover announcement from April 2019. That posting only pulled in a laughably pathetic 2.7 million likes.

Naturally, the like count continues to increase. It just goes to show that if you put your mind to it and put in a little work, you too could one day become a logo that is as well liked as the alphanumeric characters of P, S, and 5.

Sony's logo posting also surpassed the Xbox Series X reveal post quite handedly. At the time of this posting, the "likes" on Microsoft's Xbox reveal come in at just a hair over 991,000. See, Microsoft messed up. If they had just revealed the logo, they would have been swimming in that social media clout right now. Just pack it up. Sony already won the next-gen console war. Nobody else should even bother. That Series X? Throw it in the trash! It's garbage! Not even 1 million likes? Come on!

In more serious news though, Sony did reveal a few additional details during the PlayStation focused portion of their CES presentation. Sony's Jim Ryan announced that the PlayStation 4 sales have surpassed both the Nintendo Wii and the original PlayStation with 106 million units sold. Only Sony's own PlayStation 2 has more units sold over its lifetime, with 157 million units. PlayStation VR is also a very big seller for Sony, coming in at 5 million units sold since its release in October 2016. On the software side, Sony revealed that players have bought more than 1.15 billion games for the PlayStation 4. It's probably a very good thing that the PlayStation 5 will be backwards compatible with the PlayStation 4 then.

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