Get one of 2018's best games for free.
Celeste and TABS

Since its release in January 2018, Celeste has been near universally praised by critics and fans alike. Over on OpenCritic, Celeste has an average review score of 91% with 100% of critics recommending the game. It's even hit that coveted "overwhelmingly positive" threshold on Steam from all user reviews.

But we're not here to talk about Steam right now. We're here to talk about the Epic Games Store and the fact that Celeste is available for free. You had best act fast though because this game is only available for free for one day. This is ignoring the fact that Celeste was already available for free on the EGS back in August.

Tomorrow, the Epic Games Store is teasing another free game. In fact, the lead up to tomorrow had Epic teasing the availability of one of "2019's most-watched games." The icon appears to indicate that they will be giving away Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS). I'm not sure what metrics they've been looking at, but I haven't seen a single list that had TABS as one of the most watched games of this or any year. I really thought it was going to be Grand Theft Auto V, but alas it seems not.

Anyway. Free games. Woo! There are still big sales going on at Steam and EGS, at, on Origin, Humble, and probably every other storefront that you can possibly think of right now.