The first game from Obsidian under Microsoft is a co-op survival game.

At X019, Obsidian and Xbox Game Studios announced a new co-op survival game. Grounded is a first-person game that tasks you and a friend with surviving the dangers of a suburban backyard. That's right, you are the size of an ant. You're still a human but you're teeny and some might say tiny.

A little film by the name of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids has been preparing me for this game since the early 90s.

Grounded is looking to be released Spring 2020 for the Xbox One and on PC via the Microsoft Store and Steam. Of course, it will also be made available through the Xbox Game Preview and Xbox Game Pass.

You are able to play through the game solo or with up to three additional players in co-op multiplayer. There are a number of story-based missions to tackle or you can just spend your time exploring if you want. Of course, there is plenty of gathering, crafting, and base building to tackle.

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You must gather, craft and build bases with everyday objects, searching for life-saving resources such as the dew off grass to quench your thirst or transforming an acorn shell into body armor to defend against a host of unpredictable creatures. Can you thrive against the hordes of giant insects, fighting to survive the perils of the backyard?

“Grounded is a true passion project for the team," said Feargus Urquhart, CEO at Obsidian Entertainment. "We pride ourselves as being a creative studio and can’t wait to bring our expertise to the survival genre."

“Grounded offers our unique take on survival games, creating an unforgettable experience," said Adam Brennecke, Game Director at Obsidian Entertainment. “It's a perfect setting to flex our creative muscles. We want to create a versatile sandbox where players can create their own memorable experiences.”

“We first saw Grounded in development last year when Obsidian Entertainment joined our team. The game exemplifies the innovation we're excited to see from them in the years ahead,” said Matt Booty, CVP of Xbox Game Studios.