It begins.
Halo: Reach PC

The first wave of invites have gone out to a very small group of individuals selected to test Halo: Reach on the PC. Those who have been selected will have access to a single mission in Halo: Reach from today until July 1.

When I say that it was a "small group" that was selected, I mean it. As in the vast majority of people who have signed up as a Halo Insider have not been selected. 343 Industries notes that they picked a handful of people that have "varying ranges of hardware and are using the Windows 10 operating system." They continue on to say that the groups sizes will grow as they continue to flight various areas of the game. As they say, "these things take time."

For those of us who can't see and play the first flight of Halo: The Master Chief Collection for the PC, there is a nice playthrough of the Tip of the Spear level from Halo: Reach to watch. It is, of course, running on the PC. It was recorded at 60fps and at 4K resolution, and it comes to us directly from the Halo team.

The Future
After this flight wraps up, we will evaluate and prioritize the feedback we plan to act on. Once that is done and we have completed our feature work that is required for our next flight, we will expand the invite list and move onto Public Flight 2 in the future. As we move through our internal milestones on approach to the second flight, we will share the time frame around it going live.

Our next planned flight is dependent on a few key features being finalized and their systems reaching full functionality to support them. But know this, our goal is to flight large features and game modes as they come online throughout various key points in development. This requires us to develop them and then work both internally and with our partners to verify them. Once we all agree we are in a good place and it feels good – the next public flight will happen. As stated many times before – it’s ready when it’s ready. This includes Xbox One flights in the future! So stay tuned for more details throughout July as we continue the journey of bringing MCC to PC and Halo: Reach to MCC.