Cats, dragons, and raising the dead included.
Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr

ZeniMax Online Studios officially released the new Elsweyr expansion today for The Elder Scrolls Online. Though it's been out since the end of May for some pre-orders, it's officially out today for everyone who wants to purchase it for $39.99 (USD). That's how much it is for those that already own the base game. If you don't yet own ESO at all, you can pick up the game along with this Elsweyr expansion and the previous two expansions, Summerset and Morrowind, for $59.99.

This release is for the PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One versions of the game.

This new expansion takes you to Elsweyr, the home of the Khajit. There's are a lot of dragons to fight and undead to raise with the new Necromancer class (which is quite fun to play). There's a lot of content here and, as someone who has spent a good number of hours working through the main story, I can say that it's worth playing through.

However, the main story isn't all there is. There are tons of side-quests, public dungeons, caves to explore, and more. This also officially begins the Season of the Dragon, which is a year-long adventure that begins with this expansion. Yes, that means there is more content and story that will be coming out in the months ahead because of this.

You can check out The Elder Scrolls Online site for more information.

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An All New Class – Necromancer
With the Necromancer, death itself is a weapon. This dark, mysterious new Class – the game’s newest class since 2017’s Morrowind Chapter – allows players to command the dead and cast powerful spells to overcome their foes and bolster defenses. The Black Arts at your fingertips, manipulate the flesh of involuntary souls to take on those that stand in your way.

Dragons Wreak Havoc upon Elsweyr in the Season of the Dragon
Dragons have returned to Tamriel in the Season of the Dragon, a year-long interconnected adventure. Unleashed upon the world by the unwitting Abnur Tharn, the great Kaalgrontiid and his followers stalk from the skies and threaten to burn down the ancestral home of the Khajiit.

Adventure in the Diverse Environments of Elsweyr
In Elsweyr, players will travel across savanna grasslands, scorching deserts, and palatial cities tangling with invading Imperial forces and menacing dragons. The homeland of the Khajiit is rich in life, history, culture, and mythology hours of quests and challenges for new and old players alike.