The Season of the Dragon for Elder Scrolls Online has officially kicked off today with the release of the game's latest DLC. This two-dungeon pack was released alongside Update 21 for the game. The update itself includes the usual array of new gameplay features and various improvements.

The DLC, called Wrathstone, is available for both PC and Mac. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release of Wrathstone will come on March 12. Unlike the free title update, this DLC is not free and will run players about $15 (or 1,500 in-game Crowns) or as part of your ESO Plus membership.

Elder Scrolls Online Wrathstone

The Wrathstone DLC Game Pack introduces two challenging, brand-new dungeons that take your team through Tamriel’s hidden ruins to collect both halves of the mysterious Wrathstone tablet. This DLC also kicks off the year-long Season of the Dragon storyline that continues with the upcoming Elsweyr Chapter, arriving this June, and runs throughout 2019.

In Frostvault, you must work with the Redguard treasure hunter Tharayya to explore a lost Dwarven vault, embedded deep within Eastmarch’s frozen glaciers. Standing in your way is a menacing Goblin tribe, ageless Dwarven automatons, and deadly traps. You need to make use of long-deactivated machines to break into the vault and claim its secrets for yourself.

Depths of Malatar
What dangers lurk within the Depths of Malatar? Venture deep into this lost Ayleid ruin and discover the fate of an Imperial cohort that first discovered its entrance centuries ago. However, more than soldiers await you deep within the sunken city of Garlas Malatar, as shining Daedric guardians protect the ancient relics within!
If you would like to know more (and who wouldn't?) be sure to check out the nice news post about this on the ESO site. Additional information about Update 21 can also be found right here.

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