I guess technically it would be the 'PC Game Pass' then.
Xbox Game Pass for PC

Microsoft announced a new Game Pass today. Unlike the current Xbox Game Pass, this one is tailored specifically for the PC owners out there. Microsoft says that they have designed a Game Pass experience that specifically meets the needs of PC gamers and PC game developers.

The Xbox Game Pass for PC, but it will give PC gamers access to a library of over 100 PC games on Windows 10. Some of the developers that are already on board with the Pass include Bethesda, Devolver Digital, SEGA, Deep Silver, Paradox Interactive, and more. This obviously also includes the Xbox Game Studios offerings, including the newly acquired studios Obsidian and inXile. So far, Microsoft is working with "over 75 developers and publishers" to deliver PC content to the service across a variety of titles and genres.

In addition to gaining access to the curated list of games, those with the Xbox Game Pass for PC will get up to 20% off of the normal price of included games and 10% off of game DLC and add-ons. Microsoft says that they will have a bit more to share on the Xbox Game Pass for PC when E3 arrives in June.