That's a big number.
Final Fantasy XIV benchmark

Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XIV Online has surpassed the 16 million registered user mark today. While this is a very impressive number, it does not actually say how many of those registered users are active players.

Final Fantasy XIV has been going on for about six years now. The studio is still actively updating the game and delivering new content on a regular basis. This also includes their upcoming expansion, Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, on July 2, 2019.

Today's impressive number came during a livestream featuring game producer and director Naoki Yoshida. Yoshida gave some additional details for Shadowbringers during the stream and even showed off a new job actions trailer.

There is also a new Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers benchmark tool that you can now download. This benchmark includes new footage from Shadowbringers in addition to a character creator that allows you to view playable characters as they appear in game. This includes the new Hrothgar and Viera races. If you make a character in this tool, you'll be able to carry them over into the full game if you want. If you don't want to grab the benchmark software, you can watch a trailer for it and see some screenshots from it below.

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FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers will mark the first time that Warriors of Light will travel the rift between worlds to become Warriors of Darkness, to restore night and save the world from the apocalypse the Flood of Light promises. The expansion is packed with new features including the new Dancer and Gunbreaker jobs, Hrothgar and Viera races, an increased level cap, sprawling new areas, raids, and much more.