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Look, I cannot recall if I already posted this trailer or not. Chances are, I probably missed this last week when it actually came out. However, we're in the here and now and I can't just go and alter history, so I'm posting it for you today. This here is a new trailer for Metro Exodus. If you already watched it, then it's obviously not new, but do spare me the semantics.

4A Games and Deep Silver call this one "Artyom's Nightmare" and it is a CGI animated short. It serves as a "dream-like prologue to the events of Metro Exodus."

The game itself will be released on February 15 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC via the Epic Games Store (affiliate link). Curiously, it seems as though there will not be any pre-load for the game on the Steam release. You can see the email response below.

Metro Exodus Steam preload

This maybe shouldn't come as much of a surprise. The reason given from Deep Silver is that they expect the most traffic to come from the Epic Games Store release. Those who have it ordered through the Epic Games Store should have a preload option available to you within a day or two. The PS4 version should also have a pre-load available to them in a day or two. The Xbox One version already has the option to pre-load now.

A quarter century after nuclear war devastated the Earth, a few thousand survivors took refuge in the Moscow Metro. They believed they were the last remnants of humanity - but they were wrong. Only Artyom dared to dream of a life on the surface. But dreams can quickly turn to nightmares…

It’s time to leave the ruins of Moscow, and journey beyond.

Created by the master animators of Platige Image in collaboration with 4A Games, Artyom’s Nightmare brings the haunting world of Metro to life as never seen before. “Watching 4A Games take my characters off the page and onto the screen has been a privilege,” said Dmitry Glukhovsky, author of the original Metro novels. “I hope fans will enjoy this new glimpse into Artyom’s world.”