The Game Awards 2018 - God of War actors and dev for GOTY
The Game Awards for 2018 apparently doubled its viewership to 26.2 million livestreams. This is up from 2017's 11.5 million livestreams. There were 1.13 million concurrent viewers watching The Game Awards on Twitch during its peak.

Be sure to click the link above for even more news including the world premiere trailers and award winners from this year's show. The above photo are the God of War developers and actors accepting the Game of the Year award at this year's show.

The entire show can be viewed via the embed below. I also included another image for those of you out there who want some HD Keighley for whatever reason.
To date, here are the livestream numbers for The Game Awards (does not include VOD viewership):
2018: 26.2 Million (Up 128%)
2017: 11.5 Million (Up 202%)
2016: 3.8 Million (Up 65%)
2015: 2.3 Million (Up 23%)
2014: 1.9 Million

Geoff Keighley in HD