Tired of Twitch flagging all of your previous streams because you were listening to music? Don't worry about that any more because Twitch has introduced over 500 royalty-free tracks that you can use in live and archived videos. This simply means that your videos will not get flagged by the Twitch audio recognition system when you listen to these royalty-free songs.
"Our community has been vocal about the importance of music for their broadcasts and their love of music in general," said Colin Carrier, Chief Strategy Officer, Twitch. "By working with both established and upcoming record labels, we are now able to offer music for them to use that is cleared for live broadcasts and archiving."

In addition to this, Twitch has added a new "Music" category where people can go to play their original pieces for their viewers. Beyond that, pre-approved labels and artists will be allowed to host "radio-style listening shows and broadcast large scale events, such as music festivals."

The full press release can be found below.