GRIP 2019 roadmap
A content and update roadmap for GRIP: Combat Racing was revealed today. The roadmap paves the way to some new content throughout 2019. This new content includes game balancing, new tracks, new modes, and even a new race series.

GRIP is out now for the Switch, Steam, PS4, and XB1.
In addition to the extensive roadmap of additional content, 2019 will see GRIP: Combat Racing fully enter the competitive sphere with a new race series. Full details of regional events and partnerships will be laid out in the new year.

Prospective racers who want to learn more about the game, join regular PvD (Player vs Dev) game sessions, and show off their skills should check out the GRIP: Combat Racing community on Twitter at @gripvideogame, Facebook at @gripvideogame, via #GRIPCombatRacing, and on Discord